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B2B ordering system

Only contract customers can order from the B2B ordering system. If you are not our customer yet, but want to become one? To do this, you must fill in the customer application form. The Sales Department will review the application and contact you.

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Private customer’s online store

The private customer’s online store is intended primarily for natural persons who are not our contractual customers. In addition to a very wide range of products, it is also possible to buy products from the EHIF at a discount from the private customer’s online store. You can conveniently order the goods to the nearest Itella SmartPOST parcel machine or directly to your home with a courier.

Check your blood pressure

Do you want to stay healthy and keep your health problems under control? You can do this at home by following the instructions on a special website we have created. Use high-quality Boso blood pressure monitors to better monitor your health. The website guides you through measuring your blood pressure correctly, and with Boso blood pressure monitors, this procedure is easy and convenient.

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